piątek, 12 marca 2010

My dream winter holiday.

I hate winter so my dream winter holiday can't be in Poland. I want to go on the trip around the world, but I want to be alone. It will be very interesting but quite dangerous. I will visit a lot of countries, museums, see a lot of monuments but I wll have only 2 weeks, because later I have to go to school.
First of all, I will go to Africa. I will not visit Europe because I think that another continents are more interesting than Europe, so Africa will be first. I want to see kangaroos, snakes and a lot of dangerous animals. I want to spend sunset on the desert, for example, Sahara. Sunsets are beautiful. Next I will go to America. I will spend few days on the Cariby. I will swim in the sea, sunbathe etc. I love it. Antarctica will be the next continent. I know, I wrote that I hate winter and it's true but I would like to see Eskimos ! They are very, very interesting. I want to see how they can live with very low temperature. I want to see igloo and I want to sleep in it , but I will spend about 2 days in Antarctica because I hate winter.
Next, I will go to Sydney, Tasmania, Kamczatka, Japan etc. I will do a lot of interesting things so my dream winter holiday can't be boring. I hope I will experience holiday like this.

sobota, 6 lutego 2010


A lot of people want to be famous. Particularly young girls dream of fame. They want to be singers, antresol, dancers etc. I think that people want to be famous, because they want to have a lot of money to be able to buy big houses for example.
I don’t want to be famous. Popularity has a lot advantages but I would not have a private life and it’s the biggest disadvantage. For me, money isn’t the most important thing. Paparazzi observe celebrities all the time. They don’t have private life. They cannot do many things normal people do, for example, go to the restaurant, or go to the shop and buy toilet paper, because everything causes a sensation. If I am famous paparazzi will know everything what I do. It’s very uncomfortable.
What is more, when you are famous, people talk about you, so they will gossip. Sometimes someone will think out very painful goss. A lot of people will believe in it and it can ruin our life. I am very sensitive person so I will worry about everything what they say about me.
To sum up, I think that celebrities have to have very strong characters. Such person like me can’t be famous because I will not cope with fame. I prefer calm, intimate life without paparazzi.

sobota, 30 stycznia 2010


In Poland we have some traditions related with Christmas. Firstly, we dress a Christmas tree. The majority of peaople buy fake trees. I have never had a real Christmas tree. Why ? I don’t know. Secondly, we share a wafer with our family. It’s the most important traditon in Poland. Later, we have a special dinner. We have 12 meals, but in this day we can’t eat meat, so we eat fish, dumplings etc. We buy presents for our family and friends and we open it after dinner. On Boxing Day, we go to church and after it, people meet family, and go for dinner. I like this holiday very much and I am curious how people from another countries celebrate Christmas.

' Super Size Me '

'Super Size Me' is a documentary film set in the USA. It’s about a man who decides to eat fast food every day. He eats hamburgers, pancakes etc. for every meal throughout 30 days. .Firstly, he thinks that it is very tasty ,but after a couple of days he changes his mind. He wants to show how unhealthy the food from McDonald’s , KFC’s etc is. Morgan Sporrock is the main character. At the begginning Morgan is a very thin and healthy person. He goes through a lot of medical examinations before he starts his experiment. If you want to know what will happen with his body and health after eating fast-food, you have to see it !

środa, 28 października 2009

My alphabet.

a - apple - my favourite fruit
b - bike - I often ride on it with my friends.
c - cakes - I love it.
d - dog - I've got one.
e - English - my favourite language
f - friendship - It's the most important feeling for me.
g - garden - I want to have my own garden
h- holiday - I love it !.
i- ice tea - I like it so much.
j -jazz - I like this king of music
k - keys - I often lose my keays
l - lion - my favourite animal
m - Marysia - My friend's name :)
n - November - I hate this month.
o - O.S.T.R - my favourite singer.
p - Patrycja - my name :)
r- rest - I like it.
s- seaside - the best place for holiday
t- tiger - one of the most beautiful animal in the world
u - umbrella - I lost about 6 umbrellas.
w - winter - My favourite season.
y- yetti - I don't believe in it
z- zoo - I sometimes go there with my friends.

czwartek, 30 kwietnia 2009

` Carnival

Carnival starts on the first day of New Year and finishes on the Ash Wednesday . This name dates from Italian carne vale. The most popular carnivals are in Rio de Janerio, Venice, Canary Islands and Germany. In this time we go to the parties, dance , meet new people etc. In Shove Thursday we dress up as witches , vampires , princesses etc. In my country carnival is very funny and everyone has a lot of fun.

środa, 29 kwietnia 2009

` Easter

Easter is the oldest and the most important Christian holiday. This holiday reveres Jesus Christ’s tribulation. Passion Week predates this episode. In Easter Friday we go to church for the Way of the Cross and we mention Jesus death In Easter Saturday we go to church with baskets in which there are ; Easter eggs, sausages, sweets, salt, pepper, bread etc . Later a lot of people go to the churchyard. Easter Sunday is the first day of Easter octave. We eat festive breakfast and later we go to our family for festive dinner. The next day is the so called “ śmingus – dyngus “ we pour water on each other . In this day I always have a lot of fun. I like Easter and this holiday is very important for me.